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Nexus Day @ NorthStar

posted 27 Sep 2013, 06:38 by Steve Adams
Today I recSuperfast North Yorkshireeived two new Google Nexus Tablets funded by the grant from the Superfast North Yorkshire Business Support Programme.
Access the SFNY Free business support programme for eligible businesses like yours across North Yorkshire and York via:

I'll be using the tablets to aid my consulting work and in order to demonstrate working in the cloud to customers.

Ease of Setup
The ease in setting these devices up is amazing.
Once you have "Gone Google" (be it for work or at home, or both!) you simply power the device on, connect to a WiFi point, sign-in to your Google Account and all your emails, contacts, calender entries, Drive docs, Maps & locations etc. etc. simply synchronise to the device.

Power of Android
With Android 4.3 you can have multiple "Users" on the device, so you can create a user on the device for (say) a child to be able to play some games without being able to access your work applications and data.
Within your own User Space it neatly handles multiple Google logins/accounts  so you can mix your home Gmail life with your work Google Apps environment on one device without contaminating one account with the data of the other.

And then there's the magic of Google Now!
"The right information at just the right time."

The New (2013) Nexus 7 is slim and thin and packs an amazing screen and fantastic power into such a slight frame.

The Nexus 10 is now a year old and still great value for money