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York based Estate Agents Austin Brooks Go Google with NorthStar

posted 22 Apr 2013, 04:08 by Steve Adams   [ updated 22 Apr 2013, 04:29 ]
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We recently migrated York based Estate Agents Austin Brooks to
Google Apps for Business.
The integration of Gmail, Calendar and Drive enables Austin Brooks' staff to collaborate easily whether at the office or out viewing properties and meeting clients.

Work in the Cloud
One of the biggest wins for Austin Brooks has been the adoption of Google Drive/Docs for the creation of property listing information (photos, text, details). This is a collaborative task requiring various staff to edit and contribute to a master document  which is then used to update all the listings services/portals and property brochures. Utilising the real-time sharing, single copy in the cloud and advanced comments features has streamlined Austin Brooks' content creation process and saves them time every day.

Going Google has also enabled Austin Brooks to get more from their mobile devices (iPad and Android Smartphones) being able to access all their data (emails, appointments, contacts and documents) when on the move.

NorthStar Services
We provided advice, implementation, data migration and training services to help Austin Brooks Go Google.

"Thanks to North Star, your advice and tutoring has enabled us to move into the 21st Century with Google applications and it's so easy to use. There is no doubt it has made a huge difference to the way we do things here and in particular working in real time is much easier and quicker. Your support and back up has been exemplary. We at Austin Brooks Property Consultants and Estate Agents wish you every success and will be delighted to recommend you to any business large or small."